CudaTel Communications Server 3.0 now available

Great news for CudaTel customers:  version 3.0 of the CudaTel Communications Server is now available to all customers with active Energize Updates subscriptions.

Why is this so awesome?  Take a look at the features that are coming in this release:

 New look and feel to the web interface. The Cudatel Communication Server web interface is cleaner and more consistent with a new color scheme.

  • Easier import of users. User information can now be added to your configuration via a CSV file.
  • Per-line ringtones. Ringtones can now be set on a per line basis for supported phones.
  • Users can be imported via CSV. Ringtones can be configured on a per line basis for Polycom, Yealink and Cisco SPA phones that support this feature.

And feature enhancements:

  • Full details of supported features and functionality can be viewed per phone from the web interface.
  • Agent Wrap-Up time can be configured for each Inbound Call Queue.
  • Transfer sound can be configured for Automated Attendants.
  • Call Control screens can be accessed from the web interface without launching the Call Control Client.
  • Inbound calling can be disabled on Group extensions that are solely being used as permission containers.
  • Last registered time and date can be viewed at a glance from the Unassigned Phones tab.
  • Offline phone registration report includes generic SIP devices.

There are also a handful of fixes included in this release.

This EA version of 3.0 is only available on CudaTel units that are covered with an active Energize Updates subscription.  Early adopters can check out this version, enjoy the new features, and let us know how it goes.  This gives our customers a voice in how the software is working before it is widely distributed.

If you’d like to check out CudaTel Communications Server 3.0, you can update your firmware in the CudaTel administrative interface.

If you don’t yet have a CudaTel system, you can try it risk-free for 30 days.  Order your demo unit here, and check out our training and documentation library here.

CudaTel adds feature enhancements in latest firmware

We are pleased to announce that CudaTel firmware version 2.6.6 is now available. This latest release includes several features and feature enhancements that will simplify certain deployment and management scenarios.

Features and feature enhancements:

  • Automatic provisioning has been added for the following equipment:
    • Polycom phone models VVX 300,310,400,410,500,600, and Soundstation Duo.
    • Yealink phone model VP530 and W52P.
    • Polycom Kirk Wireless Server model 6000.
  • Firmware updates to all capable Polycom phones and Yealink T38G and T32G.
  • Dial by name directory has been enhanced to allow for up to 5 characters per name, so you don’t need to worry about how to differentiate Johnson from Johannsen.
  • Support for the OPUS audio codec has been added, which means that you get a better communication experience across VOIP.
  • The address book, agent status, and conference viewer have been added to the default user interface.

… And that’s not all. Login to your CudaTel administrative interface and download the latest version of the firmware to start using the latest features and enhancements.

We’ll also have firmware 3.0 available soon, which will bring many more features to your CudaTel system.

To try CudaTel risk-free for 30-days, you can order a demo system here. For more information on CudaTel products, check out our training and documentation library.

CudaTel Model 170A now available

CudaTel is pleased to announce that the new model 170A is now available.

It is a SIP only device and 100% silent in the new Barracuda small form factor fanless chassis. It’s perfect for a branch office or other satellite location on a multi-site deployment.

With the release of this model, remote survivability of branch offices is more affordable than ever. And like all CudaTel products, the Model 170A is built with IT in mind:

  • Web-based administration
  • Intuitive call flow configuration
  • Local users, groups, and policy
  • Web-based performance and usage statistics
  • and a whole lot more …

You can find all the details in our training and documentation library. If you’d like to give the 170A a try, visit our evaluation form to get one for 30 days, free of charge.

CudaTel announces Optimum Voice SIP Trunking certification

CudaTel is excited to announce that we have completed the certification process for Optimum Voice SIP Trunking. Cablevision Systems Corp. has released the announcement today.

SIP trunking is the technology that resides between private VoIP networks and public telephone systems. When your private network VoIP system talks to something outside of the private network, it’s SIP trunking that makes it possible. Because different vendors may implement the SIP standard differently, it’s important to find SIP trunking providers that have certified their service with your chosen VoIP hardware.

Optimum SIP Trunking and CudaTel have conducted extensive interoperability testing throughout the certification process. Users can be assured that the Optimum SIP Trunking service paired with the CudaTel Communication Server will provide many advantages over traditional telephone company services.

Key features of Optimum Voice SIP Trunking include:

  • Sophisticated voice features, such as Immediate “Alternate Call Routing.” Businesses can specify an alternate phone number in the event that an equipment problem is detected, with calls automatically re-routed to ensure business continuity.
  • Simplified configuration such as Call Admission Control. Administrators can specify the number of call paths for inbound and outbound calling.
  • Reduced equipment costs and significant room to scale
    • Unlimited Calling and Advanced Calling Features for One Low, Flat Monthly Price — Unlimited calling to the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and simple pricing with no incremental fees or per-minute-usage extra charges. Features include: Caller-ID, White Pages Listing, E911, Call Forwarding, Anonymous Call Blocking and Anonymous Calling.
    • Capacity for 100 Direct Inward Dial (DID) Telephone Numbers — Support for up to 24 simultaneous call sessions and 100 individual phone numbers.
    • Flexible Service Adjustments as Needed — Ability to dynamically upgrade service by calling the Optimum service department.

CudaTel offers several advantages, such as:

  • VoIP PBX services
  • Conferencing
  • Follow-me
  • Automated attendant services
  • Intuitive Web management interface

CudaTel is excited to be part of the Optimum Voice SIP Trunking pre-certified family.

For more information on CudaTel Communications Server, visit our corporate website. If you’d like to take CudaTel for a test drive, you can get a free 30 day evaluation here.

CudaTel featured in PC Magazine

We’ve had some nice press lately. PC Magazine recently published a CudaTel review which highlighted some of the features that make us proud.

The review focuses specifically on the 270A, which is perfect for smaller SMBs. The 270 supports unlimited users, 10 concurrent calls, and 2 conferences. It also has 50GB of voicemail storage, and all of the awesome features that you’d expect to get from CudaTel:

  • Web based interface
  • Intuitive setup wizard
  • Detailed call records
  • Real time switchboard and system health monitors
    Robust telephony capabilities to manage users, extensions, calling groups and queues, auto-attendant scripts, call routing, etc.
  • Call recording
  • And more

For companies that need more than the 270, we offer three larger models that have additional capacity. Our 670 supports 250 concurrent calls and 50 conferences. Check out our datasheet (pdf) for details on the different models. Our variety in models puts on-premise VOIP within reach for most SMBs.

The PC Magazine review mentions a few reasons why SMBs would prefer an on-premise solution as opposed to leasing a system in the cloud.

For some businesses, they may decide to stick with a physical system because they aren’t comfortable outsourcing such a critical system. The organization may already be part of the Barracuda family, which would make it more practical to stick with a known vendor.

The business also maintains control over quality of service, and can tweak settings to adjust for unusual peaks in activity to ensure voice quality. Finally, if you need detailed monitoring—of both the PBX as well as call behavior and history, having control over the server is a big plus.

Additionally, when features such as queues, voicemail storage, etc., result in additional charges, the hosted solution is not be as affordable as it seems.

The CudaTel Communications Server is perfect for organizations that need the flexibility and power of a VOIP system, but do not have enterprise-level resources usually required for deployment. If you’d like more information about the CudaTel Communications Server, visit our features page here.

If you’d like to try the CudaTel Communications Server free for 30 days, you can request an evaluation here.

Read the PC Magazine review here

See you at ClueCon


It’s that time of year again, where VOIP developers get together to talk shop at the annual ClueCon Conference.  Or rather, the annual ClueCon Open Source Telephony Conference, if you’re picking nits.  It takes place August 6-8 at the Hyatt Chicago Magnificent Mile.  Details on the event are here.

ClueCon was started in 2005 by the FreeSWITCH development team, as a way to facilitate discussions on how to improve internet telephony options.  Since then the conference has evolved to include developers, start-up teams, enthusiasts, and pretty much anyone who has an interest in the subject.  The event has moved beyond discussions too:  Attendees participate in demonstrations, speakers provide colorful presentations, and everyone has a chance to build relationships in the community.

This year the entire CudaTel development team will be in attendance at ClueCon.  They’ll kick off the week with a full day of CudaTel Communications Server training. All CudaTel partners are invited to attend. This training session is a great way for our partners to learn more about the product and become eligible to receive new CudaTel leads and customers.  Of course all attendees of this training are invited to stay for ClueCon.

Flowroute, Yealink, and many others will be in attendance at ClueCon, and WebRTC is going to be a hot topic.  If you’re serious about VOIP, you should be at Cluecon.

For more information about ClueCon, visit

Exciting new features in CudaTel

The CudaTel team is excited to announce that we’ve released Version 2.6.005 with some really great features.  We’ve got something new for everyone in this release.

If you produce your own media, you’ll love our new SHOUTcast streaming option. This allows you to stream live web audio to your callers instead of ‘on-hold’ music that is pre-recorded and/or produced by someone else.  One more point of exposure for your product.

Are you the type who likes to screen calls and pick up in the middle of a message?  The Voicemail Intercept feature will allow you to do that.  Now when someone says “If you’re there, pick up!” you can actually pick up the phone and join the call.

Tired of conference calls not being closed out properly?  The new CudaTel takes care of that for you.  Now you can end the conference if there are less than two members in the call.  This conference feature enhancement is optional and configured by the CudaTel administrator.

If you’re a customer service representative, a legal professional, a journalist/podcaster/etc., you’ll love the new on demand call recording feature.  This requires that the CudaTel administrator set up the proper permissions for the users, and that the users know the local laws and regulations regarding call recordings.  But it’s a useful feature for folks who need to keep audio records of conversations.

Pre-recorded group paging is an enhancement to the paging feature.  This allows larger paging groups to be accommodated by cascading the paging message in groups of phones until the message has been delivered across all of the phones.

A new filtering enhancement streamlines the appearance of conference management in the Call Control Client.  If you’re a moderator of multiple conferences, you’ll love this one.

We’re sure you’re going to love these new features & enhancements.  If you’re a current customer you can download the latest version of the firmware today.  If you’re new to CudaTel and want to try it out, you can visit to grab one of our risk-free, 30 day demo units to evaluate at your location.

Bring VOIP home with CudaTel

Normally I’m encouraging people to leverage cloud computing to lower costs, but here’s an example where the opposite may be true.

Voice over IP (VoIP) is another example of a service that might come back in-house at his company. Windward IT uses a cloud service for $3,500 a month, but the recent release of the CudaTel VoIP switch appliance by Barracuda Networks has given him pause. CudaTel costs $4,000 as a one-time capital expenditure. Tack on an estimated $500 a month for a cloud-based Session Initiation Protocol provider for call transfers, and the return on investment (ROI) would be realized in just a few months.

That’s from a recent Tech Target article discussing how cloud ROI is diminishing due to several factors:

*Cloud migration costs + monthly fees
*Cloud pricing wars may be coming to an end
*Hardware is becoming super cheap
*VOIP technology like CudaTel is making it easy to host your own

These factors come together to make on-premise computing and private clouds more attractive. Especially in situations where there is already a considerable infrastructure in place.

The article goes on to mention that some organizations will put certain services in the cloud for a few months just to measure use and determine the proper provisioning. Then they’ll bring the function back on-premise with a better idea of the necessary resources. No over-provisioning necessary.

Check out the article at (free membership required)

For a 30 day free trial of the CudaTel Communication Server, visit

Directory synchronization is easy with CudaTel

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that the CudaTel Communication Server syncs nicely with directory services. I keep bringing it up because I think it’s a sweet feature. I hated maintaining separate databases on the same network.

This video from our training & documentation repository shows you exactly how easy it is to sync the CudaTel with your directory server –

There are a handful of benefits to taking 1-2 minutes to configure directory sync:

* Single username / password
* Automatic phone deployment & extension assignment by group or OU
* Maintain a consistent logical organization across the network assets
* It’s easy and more efficient than manual phone deployment / assignment

You don’t need to have a directory to deploy the CudaTel Communication Server or your phones; it just makes some things easier.

If you’d like to test this feature for yourself, order a 30 day free demo from our website. No hassles, no BS, just a free trial run. You’ll love it.

Shopping for a new phone system?

If you are visiting us for the first time because you’re looking for a new phone solution, let me tell why you’ve come to the right place.

The CudaTel Communication Server (CCS) is an appliance that connects and manages phone calls that take place over the Internet or traditional analog or digital lines. The hardware and the software are completely integrated, and the CCS is packed full of features so that you don’t need to buy anything other than the CCS to manage your phones.

Let’s take a high-level look at what you can do with a CudaTel:

*Configure and monitor your phone system
*Route inbound and outbound calls
*Manage and record users and phones
*Blend VOIP with traditional phone analog or digital service
*Syncronize your phone system to your network directory
*Provide SIP service to your enterprise
*Create an automated attendant to provide menu-based call routing
*Automatically provision and update software on supported phone sets

…. And a whole lot more.

We have more information on all of these features in our technical documentation.

If you’d like to test drive a CudaTel, you can get a free 30 day evaluation through our website at

And if you have any questions or comments, let us know here in the comments or on twitter @cudatel.